What is a GemMala?

A GemMala is a play on words from the words Gemstone , Mala and Gemella, which translates to female twin in Italian. Inspired by our Italian Mother and Grandmother!

 A Mala is a spiritual prayer necklace with 108 beads used for practicing meditation and prayer by reciting a mantra or prayer with each bead.  With a full cycle the practitioner can tune into the sound, vibration and meaning of what they are chanting. The Guru bead is at the base of the mala beads and acts as a place to start and end your prayer.  The mala is sometimes made with a tassel that represents your connection to spirit. 

Whether you choose to utilize your GemMala for prayer or meditation or to just wear it and absorb its beautiful energy, our high vibrational gems are perfect for you!