About Us


Our Story

Our name is inspired by the Sumerian Astrology term for Gemini, Mastabbagalgal, which translates to Divine Twins.  We are a family business, twin sisters, Jenna & Jessi, and our Gemini mom, Kim!

We are passionate about gemstones and crystals and their magickal healing properties!  Our signature piece is the GemMala, traditionally called Mala, a spiritual prayer necklace with 108 beads and a guru bead.  We put our special twist on it by adding multiple different gems on each GemMala to enhance its energy and power. Blessed and infused with healing energy from the divine, our jewelry inspires healing and elevated frequency to create peace and joy to whomever wears it. Each GemMala is one of a kind, hand crafted with love and care! 

We are also passionate about personal growth and inner healing. We offer in person healings to lighten up your DNA, clear out your aura, rebalance your energy field using Hermetic Principles, and reprogram your subconscious mind with Psych-K balancing techniques.  All of which have profoundly impacted our personal lives when we received them ourselves.  After our intense spiritual awakening 5 years ago we have been on a continuous journey of personal transformation.  It is our goal to share the knowledge and tools that we've gained with those seeking the same.

Mastabbagalgal Collection

This specific line is designed by Jenna & Jessi.  Colorful GemMala’s and bracelets that we create in a magick circle, bless and infuse with energy from the Divine. 

Issejmik Collection

Designed by Kim, high end bracelets with top quality gems, diamonds, skulls and unique beads.  Each piece adorned with an Issejmik tag as a her unique signature.